Jazz in Rochester at the end of 2007... little leaves and lifts

I flew back of Wednesday of Kansas and was only too vaporous to blogprevious night, so that the list mail is a beetje leaves theseyielded.Here they are.. . Thursday, 27 December frosted Valerio @ link thespit-roaster in Strathallan, the Spinner @ bistro 135, 6.00 promemorias Lumiere from 6.00 pro memorias Dave @ little coffee of thetheatre, Friday from 7.30 pro memorias, 28 the loodje Sneider ofDecember/Paul Hofmann @ the spit-roaster in Strathallan, the trio @bistro the 135, new blauw from 5.00 pro memorias Bobby DiBaudo vanMangione of the hiaat from 6.00 pro memorias @ horizons at the cabinin Woodcliff,